Should Man Utd keep faith with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Fans’ verdicts

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By Shamoon Hafez
BBC Sport
Later substituting Jose Mourinho at December 2018 ole Gunnar Solskjaer got off with only one defeat from his 17 matches.
Those couple of months comprised an improbable Champions League win at Paris St-Germain and a surge in aid for the Deadly, with pundits saying United had little choice but to present their former participant the job.
However, Southampton, Brighton and Watford of those groups who have been in the Premier League because of his whole tenure so far is not much better only than a total of just 14 points from 15 matches.
United are enduring their worst start to a season in 20 years and are also on their worst away run since 1989 – winless in eight matches – while Solskjaer’s win ratio now is 47.5 percent, lower than any United supervisor since 1981.
Even the Norwegian will always hold a unique place he spent for a participant at the club.
However, as United entertain rivals along with Premier League leaders Liverpool on Sunday – the team who caused the end of the reign of Mourinho with a triumph – should Solskjaer be stuck with by United? And if he be after the Liverpool game accountable?
We asked four fans what they think.
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Barker: He should still be in charge but there are caveats. I believe a good deal of United fans feel he is not the person for the job. As he should do he is not getting as much from the poor quality squad. If he’s got a vision to your future, you wind up running down a slope in which poor results lead to outcomes and he might not be able to flip it around in time.
He’s got a strategy. It still needs to be backed up by owners the Glazers and [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward in the transfer market but I do not believe he’ll make it. The best-case scenario – if he can survive through to next week – is to produce a superior squad which is ready for the next manager to take over.
It is the worst squad in 30 years as Alan Shearer stated and we will complete in the worst league position in 30 years as a result of that. It all flows from the top down.
It’s obvious to understand how clubs across Europe construction themselves and why not Manchester United believe they can have a different system?
Lehnert: Should Liverpool inflict a defeat on United this weekend, then it is not outside the realms of possibility which Solskjaer will not keep his job. It has been a start to this season, along with also a loss in your home to our rivals would present the board a ideal opportunity to fire the Norwegian should they be looking for a single.
More than any of the post-Ferguson supervisors of United, Solskjaer is currently working with the backing of lovers that know the constraints that he is operating under. There has been precious little since that March night when they beat Paris St-Germain to indicate he can lead this team, although his line of charge from his period as a player is unending.
That will leave United hovering across the relegation zone, if this awful run of form has a defeat Sunday, then perhaps a exit could be ideal for all involved.
Laher: We can’t keep sacking supervisors because each time we do we have to eliminate all of the players that the new manager desires. Imagine if we sack Ole and his replacement does not enjoy Aaron Wan-Bissaka along with Harry Maguire?
Solskjaer looks like he has got a strategy to construct a team made up of young gamers. He must be given time to do that and say he’s their full support and the board must come out and explain they understand that this process may take a number of seasons.
Someone with experience in managing football transfers and transfers needs to be made to make sure we get the players we want in at the perfect rates. In addition, we have to create a director of football who sets for United perform, the doctrine, explains the players required to implement that philosophy and be certain that the supervisor’s style matches that doctrine.
Thompson I believe Solskjaer is out of the depth. He will always be a legend in my own eyes and he’s currently trying to do. However, you can see he is naive and his substitutions are not terrific.
But if you get rid of him, who would you bring in?
United need a plan. They need a sporting section alongside the industrial department. The only real thing is that when we finished in the top four last season, then Woodward would have had his season. The goals were reaching quarter-finals of their Champions League and also the best four and we were just a few points off from performing this. How sad is that?
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